Our Story

Eatonwood is an environmentally-friendly family business based in the beautiful island of Cyprus.

We love and respect nature, so we give a second life to dead trees with our hands. We have two workshops in the city of Paphos. The first one is located in the city center and the second one in Tala village.

We are passionate and devoted people from Cyprus. Everything we sell is handmade from salvaged olive trees around the island. We mainly do olive wood, which is very hard to process but very beautiful. Certain trees we use are up to 1000 years old! We do everything by hand and we always try to reach perfection.

About Olive Wood

Olive wood, is a beautiful wood with grains of colors from cream through pink to black. Olive trees are cut down only when they can not be harvested any longer. Most olive wood carvings come from the trimmings an essential process to healthy and proper growth of the trees.

It was a branch of olive tree that was given as first price to the Olympians, symbolizing wisdom, will and virtue.

Attached to the History and Religion of Greece for more than 3000 years, it has a part of the mythos of Greece the Legendary land.


International Shipping

We offer expanded geographic coverage for international shipments and a variety of shipping solutions.

Handcrafted products

All the olive wood figurines and arts that we produce are hand carved from the trimmings of the olive trees.

Sustainable Products

No tree is damaged or destroyed. Our processes are Eco-friendly and promote healthier growth for the trees and generate environmental stability.

Phytosanitary Procedures

We care about our customers. Our products undergo a fumigation process in order to keep away pests and diseases.
Responsive Support

Responsive Support

Need help? Our competent and responsive support team is available to help you with any questions, concerns, or customer service needs you might have.

Simple, Secure Payment

You can choose from a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer. We guarantee a smooth and secure buying experience for our customers.


Beautiful workmanship. One of a kind treasures from olive wood. I couldn’t be happier with my table!
Catherine Reeves Vassiliou,
Excellent work, good customer service. Thank you.
Elena Zorba,